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Since 1980, Avon Cabinet Corporation has been renowned for partnering with a limited number of dealers to help in performing superior renovations, including kitchen and baths in the single-family home space during the building process. We partner with these dealers because of their personal attention to detail and the dealer’s strict oversight, which is what sets them apart from their competitors. While we have no volume commitments we want to earn your business with every job and help you grow yours.
There are hundreds of cabinet manufacturers, but Avon Cabinet has carefully designed our 3 cabinet lines in order to accommodate a full variety of budget levels for any project. The possibilities are endless but simple enough to make sales to completion cycle smooth for you and your buyers.
When it comes to cabinets, there’s no time for complications. If we don’t do our job, you can’t do yours and it’s our job to make your life as easy as possible. We’re more than just a vendor; we’re your business partner.
Our cabinets offer aesthetics and functionality expected in the most custom builds, with the value you won’t find elsewhere. We support your efforts by making available best in class components and accessories. We believe that keeping up with the Latest trends and customer needs should be a collaborative effort between the dealers and Avon Cabinet.

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